Our Team


Michelle Cinapri


Believing that we have the intellectual and financial resources to create significant, positive change to address pressing social challenges, Michelle is on a mission with Lift to be a social impact catalyst.


Angela Cinapri


Collecting, washing and sorting 1,000+ bras a month is in the capable and organized hands of Angela, who has passionatly committed her energy to the care of those around her.


Blair Mlotek


Co-Founder of Cleo Social Media Agency, Blair breezily strategizes for a growing roster of clients who insist on the kind of engagingly clickable content her team manages.


Robin Buxton-Potts


Robin believes in a society that understands that public space, transit, affordable housing, and accessible health care are critical for a sustainable, just world. She believes that our visions aren’t big enough, and our methods are outdated - and she’s doing something about it.